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Protecting our customer’s from identity theft and protecting customer’s sensitive data through the destruction of documents is the sole operating principle of A-Z Shredding.

We destroy documents. We provide, free of charge, containers that are placed at your location. When the container is full, we arrive at your place of business with one of our vehicles which are specifically designed to shred documents at 3,500 lbs/hour. The pieces of shredded material are no larger than 5/8” once they pass through the shredder. The pieces are then mixed together ensuring that they will never be able to be reassembled as the trucks are not unloaded until 3,000lbs – 7,000lbs of shredded paper has been collected. The shredded material is taken to a local recycler where it is bailed and sent off to a paper mill to be recycled. Our employees observe the unloading and bailing procedure insuring the chain of custody is not broken. We weigh the container(s) that are placed at your business and charge a flat rate. All containers/boxes are weighed on state certified scales.

How It Works

A To Z Shredding in Rapid City, SD provides shredding service for all of your documents. We specialize in On-Site confidential records destruction. We guarantee fast, efficient, and dependable work.
Have you been holding onto those old pay stubs for too long? Residential customers, our trucks are to large to travel on residential streets. Please call and we will tell you where we are going to be, so you can have your documents shredded as well. Our on Site document destruction in and around Rapid City is the right choice for you.

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